SERVICES’s comprehensive list of value-added services, delivered a team of specialist service and installation technicians, seamlessly takes care of every technology need in corporate meeting spaces. Never again will companies be left with ineffective technology infrastructure in their corporate meeting spaces. offers a choice of three Service Level Agreements (SLAs) – Bronze, Silver and Gold – each packaged with varying levels of value-added services and usage and performance reporting – delivered on time and within budget.

Contact the Service Centre for detailed information about the different SLA options. We will guide you to choose the best package suited for your business. services include:


To understand your corporate meeting technology needs and provide you with an optimal solution, inc’s team of experts will conduct a comprehensive audit of your corporate meeting spaces. The audit will access existing technology infrastructure and the effectiveness thereof to identify gaps that hamper business efficiency.

A detailed report will be provided listing recommendations and a detailed roadmap of the process to follow and will be used as the benchmark to measure improved efficiencies after implementation.


Meet inc’s corporate meeting solutions are affordable, measurable and sustainable – and come with three Service Level Agreement (SLA) packages that include varying levels of support, guaranteed to suite every pocket.

At a minimal expense to your business, we will make sure that you are always up and running – giving you peace of mind knowing that your business is being looked after.

Reporting & Recommendations

Meet inc will provide detailed monthly reports that measure improved business efficiency including any recommendations to further improve processes in your corporate meeting spaces.

Rest assured we will never sell you something that isn’t right for your business, or something that you don’t need.

On-site labour

Depending on the requirements of your business and the SLA you choose, will provide an on-site technical resource to manage and keep your corporate meeting technologies working optimally.

An on-site resource is also better able to identify technology areas that can be further improved to enhance the user experience.

Service Centre’s dedicated Service Centre, Video Network Operating Center (VNOC), delivers world-class service management.

VNOC manages service requests and response times to meet client expectations and service level agreements, keeping the client informed at all times.


Meetinc technicians will prepare training manuals and spend time with your internal technical resources to equip them with basic operating and troubleshooting skills to keep your equipment up and running.

Remote monitoring

Our Video Network Operating Center (VNOC) is able to connect to your meeting spaces via our network to remotely monitor your technology equipment.

Should your hard or software systems fail, an alert will automatically signal on our system, prompting our service team to open a service ticket, dispatch a technician, initiate escalation procedures where necessary, and provide a reference number that you can track. Our system will send automated communication to your inbox informing you as progress is made.