900x350_C’s software products integrate with existing audiovisual and information technologies such as Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Lync etc. to facilitate effective communication in corporate meeting spaces. Software and hardware products are combined to build affordable corporate meeting solutions that improve business productivity and maximise the full potential of existing technology infrastructure.’s software products include:


Meet inc uses streaming software packages from leading suppliers (Adobe, V-Brick, Zoom and Polycom), to broadcast real-time sound and video-signals over an IP-network from a single source to often multiple geographically dispersed audiences.


Meet inc uses software from popular brands (Smart, Adobe, Polycom, Cisco, Lifesize) to allow users in different locations to collaborate in a variety of formats such as, but not limited to:

 Mobile to interactive whiteboard sessions
 Training products
 Videoconferencing on the desktop


Meet inc uses scheduling software from leading brands (AMX, Crestron) or already installed scheduling software (e.g. Outlook, Lotus Notes) for corporate employees to schedule meetings (invite participants and book meeting spaces). The software digitally transmits and displays real-time scheduling information on availability display systems outside of meeting spaces.

Digital Signage

Meet inc uses digital signage software from popular brands (AMX, PADS) to digitally convey business messages on digital viewing devices (e.g. plasma screens) in corporate meeting spaces (e.g. canteens and pause areas). One or multiple feeds can be sent to a single source to display a variety of information such as:

 Static images

Video Conferencing

Meet inc uses popular video conferencing brands (Polycom, Cisco, Lifesize and Telylabs) to connect geographically dispersed corporate employees through audio-visual interaction – allowing them to see and hear each other in real-time on a device of their choice such as:

 Boardroom systems