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Meet.Inc are acknowledged leaders in designing integrated corporate meeting solutions for some of the largest corporates in South Africa and abroad. Meet.Inc’s meeting solutions are simple and effective – creating optimal meeting spaces where people, processes and technology work seamlessly together.

The meeting solutions are sustainable and measurable and integrate with existing technology infrastructure to increase business efficiency and maximise the return on investment on such infrastructure.

The Future Meeting Room

South African corporates are quickly evolving to meet global standards through an appreciation of the real value of meeting spaces. Executives are increasingly aware of the overall cost of meetings – considering the equipment, real estate investment and cost per employee in terms of time spent in these spaces.

The question becomes: ‘how effective is an employee’s time spent in meetings often rendered ineffective due to technology challenges?’ – explaining why large corporates often invest millions upgrading meeting rooms to maximise employee productivity.

To be effective, meeting spaces needn’t have excessively expensive, state-of-the-art equipment. An effective meeting:

  Electronically schedules and digitally displays meetings
 Starts on time with no equipment delays
 Saves resources through automated equipment shutdown
 Structures short and productive meetings digitally
Captures minutes digitally and instantly distributes via email
 Reduces servicing through remote monitoring and equipment backup
  Is measured and monitored to validate the return on investment
  Allows employees to connect remotely

Meeting Director

Meeting Director is a meeting room scheduling & display technology solution that facilitates the effective scheduling & electronic display of meeting rooms to avoid conflicting reservations. Meeting Director works with popular software packages such as Outlook to maximise scheduling functionality & sends this information to electronic displays outside meeting rooms to view bookings at a glance. Users are able to easily make a booking via a device of their choice using their familiar software (e.g. Outlook).

Meeting Startup

Meeting Startup is a meeting room technology solution that electronically powers up the technology in your meeting room before your meeting starts – making sure that you walk into a room that is ready for you to start on time.

Meeting Startup also saves resources by electronically shutting down meeting room technology when the room is not in use.

Meeting Collaborator

Meeting Collaborator is a meeting room technology solution that enables short, productive and interactive meetings through collaborative functionalities such as:

Real-time digital minute-taking and email distribution thereof to all participants once the meeting ends.

 Access to data attached to the meeting invitation via an interactive whiteboard – avoiding you having to bring your laptop to the meeting.

Meeting Guardian offers scalable servicing packages to remotely monitor and service technology infrastructure in meeting spaces – saving businesses from needing to employ service staff.

Meeting Guardian, supported by Meeting Director, uses scheduling data to measure the return on investment in meeting spaces (e.g. average length of meetings) – which helps businesses effect change by understanding where technology can improve that experience.

Meeting Connect

Meeting Connect offers a host of technology solutions to connect employees from whenever, wherever, using the device of their choice. Meeting Connect offers connectivity solutions such as:

Bridging > Enjoy a fully monitored (and setup) virtual meeting room that connects users through video and/or audio without needing to purchase the hardware.

Collaborate > Connect users remotely via software that allows users to collaborate in real-time on the same document (e.g. spreadsheets, PowerPoint or Microsoft Word) on the device of their choice (electronic whiteboarding, mobile phone, laptops etc.).

Streaming > Facilitate one way communication from a single source to a single or multiple audiences in the format of your choice (live footage, video, audio, PowerPoint etc.) through’s hosted and on onsite streaming solutions.

Wireless > all your content wireless, from the device of your choice – to popular output devices like projectors, LCD’s etc.

Mobility > Mobile VC Mobile collaboration is important for the employee on the road. We install solutions that are interoperable with the boardroom environment to allow point-to-point or bridged conference calls.

Meeting Executive

We model our technology meeting solutions on executive behaviour and preference in meeting spaces by designing easily operable systems built on platforms familiar to them. Building on existing infrastructure reduces costs and avoids training users on new systems.

Because execs love their ‘toys’, we continually integrate cutting-edge hard and software components into meeting spaces to improve productivity. Meeting Executive allows execs to potentially use their personal devices, such as tablets, to:

 Control the meeting room (even rooms that have existing control systems).
 Connect to a videoconference.
 Collaborate on a document.
 Display content on the projector.
 Securely distribute, display and collaborate on board packs.

Meeting Spaces

Technology improves communication in all corporate meeting spaces (e.g. boardrooms, auditoriums, pause-areas). Meeting Spaces uses best practice principles for effective communication through technology solutions unique for every meeting space (e.g. digital signage channel in canteens).

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