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Corporate Meeting Solutions

Meet.Inc is every businesses trusted corporate meeting solutions partner, adding enormous value through technology solutions that eradicate wasted time and money and inefficient use of existing infrastructure in corporate meeting spaces. Put simply, Meet.Inc transforms functionless corporate meeting spaces into world-class communication hubs.

A division of Teljoy, Meet.Inc has been upgrading the way corporates communicate for over a decade, making corporate buildings communication efficient through technology.

Are your meetings effective?

Probably not. Far too many corporates waste valuable time in meetings that don’t start on time, have double-booked rooms, faulty or ineffective technology, no ‘call-to-action’, or simply, don’t invest in technology infrastructure because they think that it comes with an exorbitant price tag.

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Meeting Solutions

Meet.Inc are a group of clever guys who find ways to solve corporate communication technology challenges with meeting solutions that are affordable, sustainable and most importantly, measurable.

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Meet.Inc is a solutions-based business that will only use products that are right for your business. We are driven by your needs and will craft and facilitate corporate meeting solutions that will streamline your business.

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Never again will corporate companies be left with ineffective technology infrastructure in their meeting spaces. Give your business peace of mind by selecting one of our affordable Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

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“Getting the right people together using the available technology and time to run effective meetings is a challenge for any business. We’ll get you sorted”